Sunday, January 17, 2016

Relief Society Bulletin Board Idea

Welcome to my blog! With a new year upon us I thought it was time to freshen up our bulletin boards in Relief Society. I started with a blue cloth that was left at a Give and Take table we had. I painted on some darker blue acrylic paint to give it some spunk. The pictures of the bulletin board do not do it justice. The fabric looks rich and velvety.

We have a pouch for the newsletter and lesson outline schedule for the year. The border around the bulletin board is burlap ribbon I purchased at Michael's in the clearance section and I stapled lace over it. I was fortunate to have someone think of me when they were thinning out their sewing supplies and this lace was in that fantastic package. 

 The top portion of the bulletin board is a miniature gallery wall. The right corner has a round tin and I printed a Relief Society emblem to put in it. I inked the edges with brown ink to give it definition.
I had purchased a bunch of little clipboards years ago and thought they would be perfect for posters.
I added lace to each of the bottoms and tied lace and ribbon to the clips. I bought the middle "frame" from Michael's in the paper section. I inked the edges for dimension. Inside the frame is our Ward Relief Society focus for the year - united in the cause of Christ.

I made two embroidery hoop pictures to fill in the empty space. I found these at a second hand store for 25 cents. I printed off a banner, a triangle for the top of the house (with the same background paper I used for the banner) and a couple shapes with book page background for the house.
I sewed the edges and hot glued everything on the linen which is from a jacket I purchased dirt cheap at a second hand store. The heart I cut out of red felt. I tied two bows with jute and hot glued those on to give the impression the banner is tied with string.

We have two bulletin boards and the boards are pretty identical except that I made the embroidery hoop art a little different. 

One of my pet peeves about bulletin boards is how messy push pins are. I saw an idea HERE for a tin tart pin cushion and so I followed those directions to make my push pin holder. I had tart tins on hand that I found at a second hand store, again for next to nothing. I hot glued tacks to the bottom so I could pin them to the board. I had to fix one of the push pin holders after a week. My guess is someone took it off the board to see how it was made and accidentally ripped off three of the tacks. They have been up for almost a month now and I haven't had any other issues. 

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

DIY Toddler Backpack Made from Baby Clothes

I made a little backpack for my grandsons second birthday from some of his baby clothes. I was putting off this project for sometime as I was not sure how to approach it. The size of the backpack depended on the size of shirt I was making with it. 

I was originally going to use this flannel shirt as the outside. I cut off all the buttons and sewed the shirt shut. I cut off the sleeves. I discovered that the backpack would be too flimsy so I got some
cargo pants to use for the outside of the backpack, and used the flannel shirt as the liner. 

I decorated the outside with pockets from other cargo pants and a tag from one of my grandson's shirts. The "cool little dude" was from a onesie. 

I thought it would be cute to personalize it a little so I made our grandson's first initial out of leftover flannel from the shirt and sewed in onto a denim star tag.

I tried to utilize all the pockets I could from the cargo pants and any extra snaps or buttons I randomly sewed on. I did purchase a backpack to use the straps from it. I did cut them down a little to make it smaller for a toddler back pack.

This made for a very sweet and sentimental gift as it is hard for moms to get rid of those sweet little baby clothes. Of course I filled it up with other things for a birthday surprise. 

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Elevate Your Thoughts

Hello and welcome to my blog! I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This past weekend I watched the 185th Semi-annual General Conference. I loved all the General Conference messages. Now that the conference is over it is time to apply those teachings to my life. I am going to start with the easiest one to do in my eyes

 - PONDERIZE  a scripture every week. 

This new word was presented by Devin G. Durrant during his Sunday afternoon talk.

 I love this idea to pick a scripture every week and ponder on it every day that week. Doing this is an effort to fight back against the filth of what the world tries to jam into our minds by replacing it by elevated thoughts. The next week I will pick a new one to PONDERIZE and so on and so forth. 

 Will you take the PONDERIZE 
challenge with me?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Old Man Survival Tool Kit

Hello! Welcome to my blog! There are a lot of milestone birthdays in my family this year. My step dad was turning 70, and that was an opportunity calling out for an Old Man Survival Kit.

I had to go to the store to get some inspiration. I went down the handy man aisle at the local dollar store and came up with these ideas....

1. Magnifying glasses - for when you are blind.
I found the perfect nerdy magnifying glasses at the dollar store.

2. Duct tape - for when you fall apart

3. Mini screwdrivers - for when a screw's loose.

Other items I had to go to a hardware store or grocery store for...

4. Fake Jar of Viagra Pills - Stud Finder -  No explanation here. I printed off a background picture of viagra pills. I placed them inside a jar. This looked so good. I will have to do a post on how to do it. I put peanuts in a bag inside the jar. I made a drug label and adhered it to the jar.

5. Calking - for when you spring a leak.

6. WD - 40 - for when your joints seize up.

You can download the printable tags HERE.

I hope this helps you get some ideas for that gag gift you've been searching for. 
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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Father's Day Gift - Mason Jars Snack Pack

Father's Day is just around the corner. I love "punny" sayings. I liked the 'uh-mason' one so I needed to come up with some creative way of giving the jars.  I made the jar carriers out of a cardboard box.

You can make a two pack or four pack carrier. Then print out the tag below, adhere it to the carrier and you are good to go! I printed the tag out on cream card stock and grunged it up with Tim Holtz walnut ink. 
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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Pint Jar Carrier Tutorial

Hello! Welcome to my blog! This project has been on my wish list for a while now. I love jars! I love
the gifts you can give in jars so I wanted to make a carrier for them. 
Here is the tutorial:

I just used a large box and cut it up. I was able to make three carriers. I tore the paper off the front to get the corrugated look. I used hot glue and a lot of it. You don't want the handle popping out when it is carrying precious cargo.  Here is the 2 pack carrier tutorial: 

 This is going to come in handy for gift giving. I will work on some tutorials for smaller jars and post them when I am done. Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

We Missed You - Relief Society Email

A while back we were asked by our Stake Presidency to make sure those who are not at church know that they are missed. Our Relief Society Presidency decided as part of that directive, we would send out an email every Sunday to those who were not in Relief Society. This includes those who are absent and those serving in Primary, Nursery and Young Women. Sometimes when I do something I have no idea if it makes a difference. I have received a lot of positive feedback about this email program, especially from those sisters who are serving in other organizations and those who cannot make it to church for health or other reasons. There was even a less active that had been receiving them. I had no idea whose email this was but sent it because it was on the email list. They came to church. I introduced myself, and the individual said, "Oh, I get your emails". 
We just take a few quotes and scriptures that are shared during Relief Society, compile them on a postcard type file and email them as a jpeg. Searching images on the internet offers a wealth of pictures that relate to the different lessons that give this email a nice touch with little effort other than to copy, paste and resize. 
This does take a little bit of time to put together, but utilizing technology in this manner has unified us more, and really by small and simple means. 
I would love to hear some ways you have reached out to the Sisters in your ward...

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